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Live Your Life to the Fullest

I read this story and feel it will make many heal from their hurts. “A 10-year-old patient of mine will be undergoing her 14th surgery in three years’ time to combat a rare and aggressive type of cancer. Even after all the medical procedures and surgeries, I’ve never seen her frown—I’ve never seen her skip [...]

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Don’t Let Your Past Rule You

We all have our pasts. Some are ugly and some are beautiful. A wise man says "If you cause a quarrel between your past and your present, you stand the chance of losing the future" Sadly that is what many people are doing. But if you are working on yourself and changing for the better, it’s unnecessary to [...]

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What We do Everyday Defines Us

In 1911, two explorers, Amundsen and Scott, embarked on a race against each other to become the first known human being to set foot upon the southernmost point of Earth. It was the age of Antarctic exploration, as the South Pole represented one of the last uncharted areas in the world. Amundsen wished to plant [...]

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It’s Not About You!

Have you been around toxic people and you feel life drained from you? I can relate with you on it. People are toxic to be around when they believe everything happening around them is a direct assault on them or is in some way all about them. That's the truth. Let it sink in. Friends, [...]

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Broken but Still Intact

Circumstances happen to us all. At times, life hits you hard and knocks you down. You rise and before long, another tsunami hits you again. You feel life is against you and you are moving against tides of life and without thinking, you admit, to a certain extent, you have spent too much of your [...]

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