Today we are looking at “Keys to Discovering Your Talent”

Let me stress again why we need to discover, develop and put out talent to work. Talented people are:

  • News makers;
  • Thy enjoy media hype;
  • They enjoy paparazzi and camaraderie;
  • They are everything super and super everything- super stars, super rich and supernovas
  • They are the cynosures of all eyes;
  • They are commanders and kings in their own spheres;
  • People are at their pecks and calls.

Need I emphasize that everyone has one talent or the other? Everyone! There is no exception! So maybe yours is tying a robe to a motor car and pulling it with your teeth…it’s still a talent. And can be monetized.

 The key is to find your talent and then turn it to a marketable business. Too many people get stuck on the “finding the talent” part. The following are some useful keys on how to find your hidden talent. You have it. Now find it.


Give No Room for Excuses

First, figure out what benefits you stand to get from not finding your own talent. For instance, are you really afraid of trying something new because it seems it might not work? So not making attempts to discover your talent gives you an excuse not to succeed or do you just feel safer being able to blame your problems on someone or something else?

Once you know what you stand to gain by seeking your talents, it is easier to let go of those old and outdated beliefs about yourself and move on to new ideas.

Excuses as well as procrastinations kill talent. They are enemy number one of your efforts to discover your hidden potentials. Don’t give room to them. They are silent killers. Many good and promising talents had been ruined, remained undiscovered, untapped and undeveloped by these silent killers. “To be forewarned”, they say “is to be forearmed”.


Try Everything!

Try everything; chances are that you might strike gold with your talent. Whatever your hidden talent is will shine through as you will be a mediocre (or complete suck) at everything else. The trick is to quickly realize what you’re not good at. It will be like a screening exercise, eliminating the others until you locate your potentials.

The best way to explore hidden talent is to try completely new “scary” things for yourself. Skydive, sing at shows, and visit a church you know nothing about, volunteer for a crisis center, join a club, and study something completely foreign to you. Break out of your shell and comfort zone and you might be surprised what gets waked up in you.


Observe Quite Time

Each day set aside 20 to 30 minutes of quite time to contemplate a project or idea you are working on. Give yourself space and time to do this, if you get distracted write notes.

The idea here is to let your mind wander. We don’t see idle thinking as work yet most of us know our best ideas pop into our heads when we’re not thinking about anything in particular.

So sit, be quite and let your mind wander, you will find wild, wacky and creative ideas that you can later develop or reject but which might just give you a whole new way to look at your world. As you do this, remain open and receptive to new ideas – no matter how crazy they may seem.

Listen Up!

Listen to people that know you. You may not be that aware of the things you do best but people who know you do. Listen to people when they say “have you ever thought of doing…? Or “you are really good at…”

Next time someone says something to you, don’t blow it off, and follow up instead. Being open to other people’s experience and opinions of you can expand your ideas about yourself.

In order to find your hidden talent, you should ask others what you are great at. The talent is hidden because you have not found it on your own. An excellent way to find out is ask your FAMILY. F stands for friends, A is for associates, M is for ministry (church members), I is for inspiration (mentor), L is for learning (classmates) and Y is you as sometimes after hearing what they have to say, you have to see what they said about yourself from the mirror exercise.

Clay Gordon said “For more than a dozen years after entering the workplace, employers and clients regularly told me that I would make a great teacher. I never took the idea seriously because I could never see myself being comfortable in a conventional classroom environment. In 1994, I discovered a subject I am passionate about- chocolate- and now I love teaching because it’s fun, not work”.

Childhood Memories

Remember what you imagined or pretended when you were playing by yourself as a child under the age of seven when the inner self was more pronounced than the conscious mind and conscious ego. This will key you into your soul’s purpose. Were you a teacher? Did you build things or made clothe for your dolls or tried to heal your pets? It’s important to remember what you imagined when you alone and therefore uninfluenced by other people.

Start by reflecting on your childhood and remembering what activities truly gave you joy and satisfaction. You may remember that you:

  • loved to work with your hands
  • could spend hours hanging in the kitchen cooking
  • drawing the day away or were excited when given the chance to explore and be at the outdoors all day,
  • had the most fun entertaining or creating your own shows for family members and friends,
  • were happiest when you could spend the day reading every book in sight,
  • maybe you were the one who loved to always tinker with things and enjoyed taking them apart and putting them back together.

Figuring out the themes of what activities made you happy when you were young and what skills you used in pursuing those joyful activities can help you uncover the skills and talents that come naturally that you can use to help shape and define your future.

Remember those simple things that made you incredibly happy as a child? Our hidden talents are often buried in our past, but haven’t resurfaced in our adult life. Keep a story journal to trigger your memory of the times you felt “happiest” and start to infuse those instances into your present life. You may discover or rediscover your hidden talents.

Get a notebook and find a quite place. Write down the earliest memory from childhood of a time that you were full of joy and happiness, a time when you were given praise and applause.  Describe fully what you were doing, where you were and who you were with. In addition, write down a vivid dream you had of your future as a grown up person.


What’s Easy for You?

We all think that the things we are good at are easy, so we tend to discount their values. Conversely, we value things we find difficult which others find easy. If something comes easily to you, chances are that you are good at it too and often the people for whom it is not easy will pay you to do it.

In order to find your sweet spot, or your unique gift, think of those things that come easy to you. To you, it’s no big deal but to others, it’s incredible. What are those things that others come to you for that to you it’s as easy as breathing and you’d do it for fun whether you were paid or not? When you are operating out of your sweet spot, your true talent will shine.

What did you always dream about doing or becoming? What did you dream about when you were a kid? What kind of success in other people’s lives made you the most jealous or uncomfortable with your life when you see it (even if it is in a movie, song, book or real life)?

  • What one particular thing do you do very well with effortless ease? You might not even realize you are doing it because of how well you do it.
  • What is it that you love to do most? That thing that while you are doing it, time freezes and hours slip by without you even noticing it.
  • Everything around that hidden talent automatically interests you, every conversation spikes your interest.
  • Whenever you are doing or performing this hidden talent, even if you’re unconsciously doing it, you feel happy, at ease, peaceful, secured and comfortable with yourself that moment.

Give Attention to What Annoys You

Listen to what your inner voice is telling you. Sometimes we have to trip and fall before we hear the inner voice. What do you do that makes you burst into genuinely happy smile? Do that!

Patrick Herbert admonishes “if you see something wrong, why don’t you right it?” If something bugs you about the way things are, making a difference can make you money. Chances are if you are annoyed by something, other people are too. It‘s even better if you can do something profitable that helps everyone.

Ask yourself, what frustrates or irritates me? Can I fix it? If I can, why has no one fixed it?  It may be because fixing your source of frustration is your hidden talent or strength that differentiates you from the rest of us.


Tune to Yourself

The best way to uncover your hidden talent is to tune to yourself. Humans like radios have the right frequency or wavelength. Until you are properly tuned to the right frequency even though the radio may be on, you will never get the station. To be able therefore to discover ourselves, we need to look inwards to the inner recess of our hearts which is the right radio frequency.

Our talents are all there but can sometimes get masked by tuning to the wrong frequency which could be taking other jobs just to make a living. Instead, think about what you love doing.

Kristen Fischer revealed that “I was always a very strong writer but never thought to make a career out of it. I went the practical route of studying environmental science in college. Upon graduation, I worked in the environmental industry. I knew something was up when I learned I’d rather write the reports than do field work. After I realized that my talent and strength was writing, I started pursuing my writing career”.

Dip Up Proudest Past Moments

Think about and write down the best accomplishments, achievements and successes you are most proud of, even back to childhood days. Patterns will emerge you can scan all of them and your hidden talents will come up. They may be ones you are not currently using in your present job which may indicate a career change that would make you happier.


Reflect Back on Compliments

It is helpful to take a moment to reflect on the compliments that we have received from others around us particularly our friends, colleagues, family members and those who know us very well. Sometimes it takes objectivity to see what we are simply taking for granted.


Think About Your Interests

Think about the subjects and activities you are most comfortable discussing and decide whether there is a market for them. I read the owner of Brilla FM 88.9, Larry Izemoje, was a sports enthusiast particularly football. His interest has metamorphosed into establishment of a sport radio.

The best was to discover a hidden talent is to think about what you love to do. What have you always wanted to try but haven’t yet? What do you see others doing that you wish you were doing? The best tip for discovering your talent is simply thinking about what you love to do.

Go with your gut. Whatever gives you the most personal satisfaction is more than likely your hidden potential. Whatever you love, no matter how removed it may seem from having the ability to make you money, chances are there is a blog or forum dedicated to it. Find others who share your passions and you’ll start cluing on how others turn passion into talent.

Your Talent is in the Book

What section of the newspaper or magazines do you go to first? Movie reviews. Travels, aviation, cartoons, sports, health, religion, politics, education? Your hidden talent may lie in that section. What kinds of books do you like reading? Fiction, children stories, action, romance, crimes…?

Look deep and you will see your talent hidden somewhere within the pages.

If you are in this, remember you are not alone. We are all in it together.

  • The world is turmoil;
  • The world is in crisis;
  • The world is sick;
  • The world is dis-eased
  • The world is in search of answers;
  • The world needs healing;
  • Together we can heal the world.

This is why I wrote an internationally acclaimed book “Putting Your Talent to Work” published by Authorhouse, UK and available on kindle-ebooks, google, and The book is also in about seven international languages including English, Spanish, German, Russian, Chinese, French and Portuguese.

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