Today, we are discussing “Let It Go”.

So many people have bottled up emotions, malice, unforgiveness, bitterness and hate and these have really bugged them down in bondage, captivity and self-imposed imprisonment.

And they hurt!

Daily they live in circles, making motions and no movement and they wonder why things are not working for them.

Holding onto when you need to let go will not only slow you down but you will be hurt. So learn to let go.

What Do I Let Go?

  1. Let go of unfavourable situations.

 Know that whatever situation you are today is only temporary. It has not come to stay. You are only passing through it. Passing through has an entry and an exit points:

  • Failed promise;
  • Broken relationships;
  • What looks like a shattered dream;
  • Missed opportunity;
  • Family torn apart;
  • Joblessness;
  • Business failure
  • Illness or disease condition;
  • Betrayal by a loved one

  Whatever it is, it is only temporal, please let it go!

The mother lice told the children, endure a little for the water that is hot now will soon be cold.

  1. Let go of your past mistakes – we all made mistakes, bad choices and wrong decisions in the past. No one is exempted.

Holding unto your past mistakes will hurt you the more and not make you heal. Learn from them and move on. Thank God, you didn’t die in them.

Many others were not as fortunate as you are, they died in the process but you are alive today. Friend, move on with your life.

Let the past pass, so you don’t pass with it. Friend, today is the oldest you have ever been and the youngest you will ever be again.

Life is too short to be lived in your past; what should have been and didn’t and what shouldn’t have been and was. The clock is ticking; it’s kind of scary but it’s true. If there is any perfect day to stand strong beside your values, ambitions and what is best for you, it’s today.

  1. Let go of your past failures – you failed in the past and so what?

Abraham Lincoln, the master of failures himself “said I am not bothered whether you failed or not, the only concern is whether you are satisfied with your failure”.

That you failed is no sin but what lessons have you learned from the failures? That you failed alone shows how bold you are.

Failure is but a bend and the bend is not the end of the road. It only flags you down to slow down and to get ready for greater speed once you are out of the bend.

  • Abraham Lincoln had many failures, yet he became president of US!
  • Thomas Edison had many failures yet he became one of the greatest inventors on planet earth!

Rather than giving up, get up and keep going. Chances are that you might stumble on something. I have not heard or seen anyone stumbling on something sitting down.

You might think you are not good enough but you’ll surprise yourself if you keep trying. What defines you is how well you rise after falling. At the end of the day, to win, all you have to do is get up one more than you fall down.

  1. Let go of some people – remember not everyone who comes to your life has come to stay!

Some come like a flash in the palm and are gone forever. Some come to stay for a period and are gone never to be seen or heard anymore.

While some come to help you find your bearing and fulfilment, some come to cause you pains and sorrows; no matter how brief the relationship maybe.

What really matters is not how you both met but your ability to let go of such toxic relationships. It may be painful at the beginning but at the end you will be better for it as it would help you heal and find fulfilment in life.

As long as some people are in your life, you will keep on hurting. Some people come into your life to complement you and make you feel like a super human being. Others come to reduce and make you feel less than a human.

Some come to add to your life and some come to take from you. Some come to increase you and others come to diminish you.

While some provide you a ladder to climb to your height in life, others are there to cut down the ladder you are climbing on.

Open not only your eyes but also your mind to discover wrong relationships and have the courage to call it quit. You may think your life cannot go on without that person in your life but sooner than later you will discover how wrong you were.

Until that wrong person is out of your life, that right person will never come in. Have the courage, the boldness and the audacity to hit the delete button and the healing process will commence.

If that person had wronged you before, don’t only let him/her go but also forgive them such wrongs.

  • Unforgiveness is a burden.
  • Unforgiveness is a load.
  • It’s a weight that makes your going very slow.
  • Unforgiveness hurts!

No matter what the person did, forgive and accept it as inevitable and irreversible. Embrace your future with greater hope and aspirations.

Know this please,

  • unforgiveness is an attribute of the weak,
  • forgiveness is a characteristic of the strong.
  • Unforgiveness makes a victim;
  • forgiveness makes a victor.

If you are in this, remember you are not alone. We are all in it together, working hard to make you heal. The world is in turmoil;

The world is in crisis;

The world is sick and dis-eased;

The world in need of healing;

The world is in search of answers;

The answer lies in all of us.


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