Today, we shall be looking at “Three Tunics to Living a Fulfilling Life”

 Everybody dreams of living a fulfilled lifestyle but not all these dreams come true eventually. Today, we shall be looking at three things that are vital living a meaningful and fulfilled life we all dream of.

 Your Self-image is important

John Maxwell emphatically declared “The only person who can stop you from becoming what God created you to be is you”.

You live in a world you create by your own words. Your words are powerful tools in creating your world. Every word you speak engraves and becomes indelibly etched in your subconscious mind. The prodigious memory becomes your self-image. Without realizing it you become convinced by your words that you are not the type to excel. Even if objectively speaking you possess all the skills to do so. So your self-image is powerful that it starts to drive your life. To succeed, therefore, positive self-image is important. All events in your life are mirror images of your thoughts.

The greatest and most fatal mistake you may make is believing that external factors determine your life. Your life is a picture of yourself as you view it and give expression to in your words. Everything that happens to you is a product of your thought and your thought is a product of your self-image. So if you must change your life, first change your thoughts.

There are a lot of people out there who willingly submit themselves to failure because of some unfamiliar factors over which they believe they can’t control. They are creators of their own failure because their subconscious minds pick this negative belief and it is manifested as such. Your confidence, faith in yourself is what feeds your subconscious mind. It will carry out any order you feed it with.

Pastor E.A Adeboye, General Overseer of Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) said “God had given you the key to unlock your fortune. You may choose to throw the key away. Some do but I will not”.

Friend, build yourself up. Develop what you have and strive for what you want to become. Be yourself in full measure without trying to be someone else. You don’t have to be me neither do I have to be you.  God deposited different measure of talents in us to make us complement each other. It is thus very important to have the right self-image.

 Embrace learning

A wise man has said “You start dying the very moment you stop learning”. Abraham Lincoln said “You are a dead man if you refuse to learn, whether you are 80 or 20”. This means that learning has a way of infusing longevity to our lives. Through learning, longer days can be infused into us.

Learning is the unchangeable changer. It does not change but has the potentials to bring into being things that were not and take out of life things that were. Learning is the only thing that lasts forever. At every phase of life, one learns, not necessarily through the classroom situation. Life itself has a way of teaching us things we didn’t know.

This is where the problem lies. Most people can hardly differentiate between knowledge and wisdom. To this group of persons, the two terms are one and the same. For the purpose of understanding, we make bold to separate the two. Knowledge is the acquisition of correct information about a particular field of discipline while wisdom is the correct application of the knowledge or information acquired in that field to solve a particular problem.

There was once a case of generator breakdown at one of the Nigerian universities. All the doctors and professors in the department of mechanical engineering were assembled. They spoke all the grammar in the book but grammar alone could not solve the problem until finally a dirty “illiterate” roadside mechanic was called.

This “uneducated” boy asked when it happened and the noise it made before stopping. On hearing the reply, he went round the generator, took out a component and blew it with his mouth. He unplugged the spark plug, blew it, applied gasoline and blew it again. He replaced it and asked them to restart it. The engine roared back to life.

You may have the information, but until you know how to apply it correctly, you cannot get the expected results. But the good news is that learning has a way of inculcating both in the student. Learning has drastically reduced the world to a global village. Through learning men have:

  • conquered the air,
  • dominated the high seas and
  • inhabited the land.
  • from the snail-speed-post to electronic mail,
  • from the push-before-start cars to the modern remote ignition car system,
  • from the analog telephone lines to the global system of mobile telecommunication, learning has penetrated and changed many things.
  • It has changed the fate and destinies of many men.

If you want a change of status, embrace learning. If you want your life transformed, go for learning. Learn not just about your discipline but other disciplines too. If you don’t get anything else, please get learning. Bishop Oyedepo said “a studious life is a great asset in the school of success”.

Michael Faraday was the third of four children. He had only two years of formal education and had to largely educate himself. At fourteen he became apprentice to a local bookbinder and bookseller George Riebau.

During his seven-year apprenticeship, he used the period to develop himself by reading several books, including Isaac Watts‘ “The Improvement of the Mind”.  He enthusiastically implemented the principles and suggestions contained in the book. He later developed an interest in science, especially in electricity, and was particularly inspired by the book “Conversations in Chemistry” by Jane Marcet.

At the age of twenty, at the end of his apprenticeship, Faraday attended lectures by the eminent English chemist Humphrey Davies of the Royal Institution and Royal Society, and John Tatum, founder of the City Philosophical Society.

While in the seminar, young Faraday was busy taking notes which he later transmitted in bound form to Davies, who later employed him as a secretary when he damaged his sight in nitrogen trichloride accident. When John Payne, one of the Royal Institution’s assistants, was sacked, Sir Humphrey Davies was asked to find a replacement. Faraday became the automatic choice candidate as chemical assistant at the Royal Institution on 1 March 1813.

Today, Faraday is remembered for his exploits in the sciences including:

  • Faraday’s laws of induction;
  • Faraday’s effect;
  • Faraday’s cage,
  • Faraday’s constant,
  • Faraday’s cup;
  • Faraday’s laws of electrolysis;
  • Faraday’s paradox;
  • Faraday’s efficiency effect;
  • Faraday’s wave;
  • Faraday’s wheel and lines of force.

Benjamin Franklin was the fifteenth child and youngest son of his parents. His father, Josiah wanted young Ben to attend school with the clergy but only had enough money to send him to school for two years. He attended Boston Latin School but never graduated; he continued his education through serious and dedicated self-learning process. Despite his poor formal educational background, Benjamin Franklin achieved what many people dead and alive have not been able to achieve.

  • Up till date, Benjamin Franklin Day is observed yearly in the United States.
  • He developed himself to be one of the greatest philosophers in US.
  • He was one of the greatest US diplomats.
  • He personally negotiated the French government support for the Revolution that made them win the war.
  • He invented the thunder arrestor,
  • Founded a national newspaper,
  • Built a specialist hospital and
  • Founded the University of Pennsylvania.

Among other positions he held was the:

  • 6th president of the Supreme Executive Council of Pennsylvania;
  • 23rd speaker of the Pennsylvania Assembly;
  • US Minister to France and US Minister to Sweden;
  • US postmaster general amongst other international positions.

Clarence Day  said “the world of books is the most remarkable creation of man; nothing else that he builds ever lasts. Monuments fall, nations perish, and civilization grows old and dies out. After an era of darkness, new races build others, but in the world of books are volumes that live on still as young as the day they were written, still telling the hearts of men centuries dead”.

Hands of fellowship

Dale Carnegie noted “….knowledge is not power, but the appropriation and use of other man’s knowledge and experience for the attainment of some definite purpose is power”.

Nobody succeeds alone. We all need the experience and contribution of others to achieve our goals. The roles some people play in our lives cannot be done without. There is always a vacuum to be filled by someone. After all nobody is an island. People are indispensable for our desire for greatness.

A Scottish farmer once heard a cry from a nearby bog. He went to where the cry was coming from. Stuck in the muck to his knees was a lad of twelve years. The farmer rescued the boy from what would have been a slow and terrifying death and he went home.

The next morning the farmer was on the veranda of his farmhouse when he saw people on carriages coming towards him. The men alighted and to his amazement the nobleman walked up to him.

“Are you the man who saved my son’s life yesterday?” began the nobleman

“I don’t know if the boy trapped in the muck yesterday was your son” returned the father.

“How should I pay you for your kindness”? Pressed the nobleman.

“I don’t expect to be compensated” replied the farmer”.

At that instance a boy appeared behind the farmer and that noble man asked:

“Is that our son?”

 “Yes, he is my son” answered the farmer.

“Then would you let me give him the type of education my son is having”? Pleaded the nobleman.

The farmer agreed.

The boy attended the famous St. Mary’s Hospital Medical College in England and eventually discovered penicillin, the cure for pneumonia. When the nobleman’s son who later became the Prime Minister of Britain fell sick with pneumonia, it was the penicillin discovered by the farmer’s son that treated him; I am talking about Winston Churchill and Alexander Fleming.

Somebody had said “what comes around goes around”

  • Love like you have never been hurt
  • Give like you don’t have a need
  • Work like you don’t need the pay
  • Smile like you have no tears
  • Trust like you have never been betrayed
  • Dance like nobody is watching
  • Sing when you are sad for it is a remedy
  • Believe everyone and anyone as you will believe your God
  • Above all, live meaningfully
  • Live purposefully
  • And live dutifully.

Extend your hands of fellowship to somebody today like Churchill and Winston did yesterday.

  • Your next door neighbour has not eaten since yesterday;
  • The children are at home because their parents cannot afford the ever increasing school fees. The father who is the bread winner of the family is indisposed and the regular supplies to the families have ceased.
  • See that family almost going naked, the children are practically nude and the parents are taking refuge in rags.
  • Look at that orphan who wants to go to school but is helpless;
  • The widow next door is confronted with problems and tears have become her companion.
  • The young lady is contemplating prostitution because everywhere she turns to; doors are shut in her face.
  • The young man is almost lured into armed robbery because there seems to be no hope anywhere.

Sorrows have dominated their minds and life has taken on a different meaning. Their lives have lost colour, beauty and dignity. They daily turn to God and ask “where are you”.

Why can’t you say “here I am?”

Please look for somebody today and extend your hands of fellowship to that silently dying soul to whom life has become a nightmare.

Make that light shine once again on his face. You might not be able to solve all the problems but that little contribution you make might make a huge difference. The greatest investment you can ever make is on human beings. Cars can crash, houses may collapse, industries may fold up and shares may drop but human knowledge has multiplier effects. Human investment is for eternity.

  1. Pine said “What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us. What we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal”

Look for somebody today and invest.

It surely pays. You make a living by what you earn by make life by what you give.

This is what I believe and this is what I preach!

If you are struggling with any of these, remember you are not alone. We are all in it together working hard to help you heal.

  • The world is turmoil;
  • The world is in crisis;
  • The world is sick;
  • The world is dis-eased
  • The world is in search of answers;
  • The world needs healing;
  • Together we can heal the world.

Chacha will you embark on the voyage with me to make the world a better place for all humanity and to help them fulfil their full potentials in life?

For me I will keep talking and I will keep writing. Friends:

  • I will keep encouraging you,
  • I will keep motivating you,
  • I will keep supporting you,
  • I will keep standing by you and
  • I will keep telling you the truth that:
  • you can make it,
  • you can become whatever you want to become in life,
  • you can achieve whatever you want to achieve,
  • you can have whatever you want to have and
  • you can go wherever you want to go.

All I ask of you is to keep dreaming the dreams, keep having the visions, keep believing in yourself and keep moving and keep acting on those visions and dreams.

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