In my short life, I have discovered that many people remain captives and victims of their situations, past choices and decisions. They are robbed and they remain spoiled. But why? Because they have permitted their past to dictate their future.

Your joy is not a function of where you were and the choices you made. Your joy is your decision to be remain joyful no matter what happens around you. Friends, what steals your joy has stolen destiny. Absence of joy robs you of your destiny.

Most disappointments we face in life are for our own good but since we lack the capacity to understand why so we get angry with God. There is always a positive side to every of your situation, no matter how bad, bitter, hopeless and scary it may seem.

My mission on is encourage you that there is still hope, no case is hopeless and there is case that irreversible.

You are like a palm tree. When the wind blows, it cannot break you, and it cannot topple you neither can it uproot you. It can only bend, strengthen and cause you to grow.

You are riding on the wings of the winds like an eagle to your appointed place.