If there is anything people are scared of, apart from fear of failure is death. People are scared stiff to die. To some, just mere mentioning of death sends cold chills down their spines. But I’m here today to demystify the almighty death. Death certainly is not the end of life. Death is a transition from one realm of existence to another realm of existence. The human life comprises of three worlds and two transitions.
The child is conceived in his mother’s womb, which is his first world. As the child grows in his mother’s womb, from first trimester to the third trimester, a time comes that the womb can no longer house him so he is pushed out. When the child is born, he cries out because leaving the only world he knows- his mother’s womb- the first world for every child. In his first world,
o He eats;
o He pooh pooh and wee wee;
o He sleeps;
o He drinks;
o He plays;
o He does everything here;
Then suddenly at the 3rd trimester, the mother pushes to bring him out- to the second world, our world, the terrestrial world that we live in now.
So he cries in protest. They are forcing him out of the comfort of the only world he ever knows in his mother’s womb.
So he “dies” in a process we call birth…to the world in his mother’s womb-the first world- and transits to this world-his second world! This is the first transition. He is separated from the first world to the second world!
o The suddenly he opens his eyes and begins to compare:
o there is light in this world;
o much bigger space in this world;
o other people who show love, care and warmth in this world;
o there are different things in various shapes, colours and sizes which seem so beautiful. For the first time, he sees what he never saw before- his mother’s face.
Then he smiles. He reaches for the breast. He sucks and when he is satisfied, he smiles back to the mum again in a warm embrace.
He then ultimately falls in love with this realm and wants to live in it forever. Again something happens he leaves this second world in a process we call death to the third world. This is the second transition. And we cry, mourn and sorrow for that transition.
In the first transition, we celebrate, invite friends and colleagues, we throw parties, we eat and drink. But in the second transition, we cry, mourn and wail.
I have not died before but the people who died and resurrected say at the point of transition, they saw bright light and people over there. Some have to be chased by their relatives or asked by God to return to this life.
I believe like the transition from the first world to the second world, those who transit from the second world to the third world which we call death, prefer that realm of existence than this world, full of pains, anguish and inequalities. The third world is pain-free, sorrow-free and anxiety-free.
At the point of transiting to the third world they person may cry just like the baby transiting from the first to the second world cries, but upon opening their eyes at the other end, they will not want to come back to this world just like the baby.
So if they are happy there why won’t you be happy here for them as well? Why crying and sorrowing. We may be crying and sorrowing, but they are happy out there!
Need I emphasise that death is not the end of life but a door to move from one realm to the other realm of existence to another realm.