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What sets one apart from the crowd is his talent. Simply put your talent is your uniqueness. It is what distinguishes individuals. I believe if you are not different, then you are not needed.

Life is a just employer and your talent is the tool with which you work the works of life. Your talent is the weapon of your placement in life.
That is why Proverbs 22: 29 says “Seest thou a man diligent in his business? He shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before mean men The starting point in the roadmap to success is the identification of your inert ability.
It’s what is inside a man that he displays on the outside. Everyman is at his best doing what he is designated for. Many youths are lost in this wilderness called life.

Putting Your Talent to Work tries to make them know who they are, where they are and where they are going. In fact the book sets out to give them the sense of identity, helping them to rediscover themselves, where they are now and where they ought to be by virtue of their life purpose and goals.

A child without knowledge of his life purpose and goals is like a boat on a high sea without rudder or compass. When pushed onto the water and the wind blows, all you see is the vast body of oceans and sky in every direction. Suddenly, you realize what big trouble you are in. This is true of the youth out there without a focus. When the youth goes out without an anchor to keep him firmly rooted and planted against the winds of life, he either gets blown away or depends on someone else.

Putting your talent to work is published from AuthorHouse UK and obtainable on Google, Kindle Ebook, and Ebay and available on seven international languages including English, Russian, German, Chinese, Portuguese, French and Spanish;

Forward by the Nigerian High Commissioner to Ottawa, Canada

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Dear Reader,

The book you have in your hands is a life-changing book. It should inspire you to greater heights because it will dispel your fears and uncertainties and instill courage in you. All the ropes that held you back, tied you to inertia will snap. That is the power of this book which will fire you like a shot of adrenaline and energize you to achieve your optimum.


It will then be up to you to act. By the time you get to the ultimate page, you will have no excuses for not being the best you can be. All your reasons for inaction will have been analyzed and dissected and you will realize that the only way to go is forward.


I would recommend this book to every family, to parents and adolescents alike. This is one of the books one should encounter in one’s youth because it equips one with the moral fibre necessary to travel through the journey of Life. In this regard, schools and colleges and indeed anyone in need of uplifting, of pep-talk, should grab a copy. Read it. Do some soul-searching, then, move!


Idoko should be thanked and praised for this work. It is the product of one who feels for humanity; of one who loves his fellow man; of one who is anxious for the success of all.

May his type increase!


Ms. Ifeoma Akabogu Chinwuba

Acting High Commissioner,

Nigeria High Commission,



Independence Day 2007


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