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OWOFU WORLDWIDE is registered by the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) to provide training and consultancy services in Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) as well as Petroleum and Petrochemicals.


Generally, Owofu Worldwide aims at developing the capacity of entrepreneurial minded people to be    able to identify opportunities and utilize them.

The company also aims at developing the capacities of the players of the oil and gas sector of the Nigerian economy thereby helping to boost the employment opportunities and revenues in that sector.

Specifically, our objectives are:

  1. Developing the entrepreneurship and vocational skills of the Nigerian people and encouraging them to be independent;
  2. Creating economic opportunities that will make Nigerians net creators rather than seekers of employment;
  3. Facilitating access of Nigerians to sources of cheap finance, relevant information and markets;
  4. Developing capacity of retired or retiring employees of both public and private sectors of the Nigerian economy to face life at retirement with confidence;
  5. Enhancing the ability of Nigerian employees in both public and private sectors to be more productive and result-oriented;
  6. To develop their entrepreneurship spirit by providing insights into the tools, techniques and framework for functional areas of business enterprise, including production, marketing, personnel and finance.
  7. To raise a new class of entrepreneurs who can successfully manage micro, small and medium scale enterprises, compete globally and who can serve as or provide the catalyst for the industrialization of Nigeria in particular and Africa in general.
  8. To create a platform for interaction between the participants and allied financial institutions for possible access to start-up funds.
To be at the forefront for the fight against poverty and unemployment not only in Nigeria but in the entire Africa continent as a whole”

“Deploying our expertise, experience as well as technology in the fight against poverty and unemployment in Africa”.

  1. We help the Nigerian people grow their businesses into sustainable and successful businesses;
  2. We invest in the future value and potential of the Nigerian people who own businesses;
  3. Develop capacities of entrepreneurs to identify opportunities, start, grow, sustain, expand and diversify their businesses
  4. Equipping both new and existing businesses with strategies needed to start, manage, diversify and expand their businesses;
  5. Encouraging and supporting Nigerians to become creators of employment rather than job seekers;
  6. Develop the capacities of the players in the oil sector by contributing to the local content policy of the Federal Government;
  7. vii.  Assist staff of both public and private sector employees in meeting their job expectations;
  8. We help employees of both public and private sectors of the Nigerian economy to become effective and productive.
Our Areas of operations include;

  • Training;
  • Consultancy
  • Access to finances such as microcredit lending using village capital model; harnessing opportunities such as Youth Enterprise with Innovation in Nigeria (YouWin initiatives, CBN Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Development Fund from the Central Bank of Nigeria amongst other such opportunities and initiatives from government, agencies and donor partners);
  • Business Development Services, feasibility studies and business plans ;
  • Assisting in setting up businesses such as acquiring the site, equipment purchase, lease and installations;
  • Outsourcing of personnel;
  • Restructuring and operational plans;
  • Business Advisory and Mentoring Services.

This training composes of the following modules:

  • Basic Entrepreneurship Training;
  • Pre-Retirement Training;
  • Vocational Training;
  • Staff Productivity Enhancement and Effectiveness Training;
  • Leadership Development Workshop;
  • Basic Business Management Boot Camp;
  • Business Plans Writing workshop.
  • Access to finance will be facilitated using the Village Capital Model of financing where the entrepreneurs are grouped into co-operatives and disbursements are made using the group lending techniques;
  • The advantage here is every member is committed to ensuring that repayments are made as at when due;
  • Members are entitled to higher amounts at repayments of previous loans;
  • In this system, disbursements are made to the group and who appoints a group leader who ensures timely collection and repayments;
  • To qualify as a member, intending loan beneficiaries must be registered with the Owofu Worldwide and must make contributions for a period of at least three months;
  • Other opportunities like Youth Enterprise with Innovation in Nigeria (YouWin) in grants as well as Bank of Industry will be explored.
  • Business plan writing;
  • Access to the market;
  • Access to relevant information;
  • Business advisory services;
  • Feasibility studies;
  • Design of website to clients;
  • Restructuring and operational plans.
  • Role Plays;
  • Group Work;
  • Games and Simulations;
  • Microsoft PowerPoint presentation;
  • Facilitation/lecturing;
  • Experience sharing;
  • Use of visual aids;
  • Case Studies;
  • Pinwall
  • Entrepreneurship Development Training;
  • Pre-Retirement Training;
  • Basic Business Management Training;
  • Leadership & Management Skills Development Training;
  • Staff Performance Enhancement and Productivity Training;
  • Business Plans Writing Workshop;
  • Employment Skills Development Training.

Owofu Worldwide is peopled with facilitators who have extensive experience in training and MSME development. They are specialists in entrepreneurship development services, trainings and finances.

Ode Amedu Idoko

Ode Amedu Idoko is a man of many sides. He holds B.Sc from Benue State University, Makurdi; MSc from University of Nigeria, Nsukka; and currently running his MBA at Marymount California University, USA and PHD at Federal University of Agriculture, Makurdi.

Ode is a trainer and consultant on micro, small and medium enterprises, motivational speaker and author of international repute. One of his books is ‘‘Putting Your Talent to Work’’ published by Authorhouse UK. The book is available in more than seven (7) international languages on different online platforms such as Google, amazon.co.uk, authohousewebsite, kindle e-books etc.

He is the Founder and CEO of Youthcon Foundation, Owofu Worldwide and the anchor of Moments of Healing with Ode Idoko on KU FM on Saturdays,

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